Game: Counterstrike : Source
Development status: BETA 1
Game mode: Bomb defusal
Ideal players: 14+
Release date: November 13th, 2007

This map is based on the battery map from RTCW : Enemy Territory

Terrorists spawn on the beach behind a large beached ship. Counter terrorists spawn in a bunker overlooking the beach.

Gun controls and a generator are bomb targets, and are both housed at different points within a main bunker. Terrorists may infilitrate this bunker via an assault ramp.

All lights within the level are breakable, and will turn off when broken. Since the level is set in the evening, this could be a useful tactic for some players.

Please remember that this map is a BETA release, and probably contains bugs. If you find any, please email them to me, with a screenshot of the bug, to the email address indicated in the footer of this website

PLANNED CHANGE: In the next release, I plan to allow terrorists to infilitrate the bunker via the rear path to make the level more fair. Since the compilation of this map takes several hours, I would prefer to fix a few bugs at once before recompiling.

To install, simply extract archive contents to your cstrike/maps folder.